"The Hat Rebel Experience"

All of our hats are designed and custom made within the U.S. to ensure high-quality material and craftsmanship for all the hat-lovers. We believe that quality is the foundation of confidence and our quality will give you the confidence you need in the many hats you wear.

“Growing up, I have always had a strong love for hats and the way they are able to offer a personal touch to any basic outfit making you stand out from the crowd. Hats give a woman a sense of effortless confidence and charm, regardless of the mood or occasion. With all that I hope to express through my brand, I am motivated to create a diverse range of handcrafted, quality staples that speaks to every individual’s own style. I meticulously chose the name Hat Rebel because we are all our own rock stars accomplishing incredible things while still looking fabulous doing so! I want my ladies to wear their hats with confidence, knowing that they are just as captivating on the outside as they feel within. Wherever life may take you and what journeys you experience along the road, remember to celebrate your inner rebel and uniqueness since that’s what makes you... undeniably you. Feed your inner rebel with timeless pieces of beautifully curated hats.”

Natalie Jamgocyan
CEO & Founder